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Distribution of Refrigeration Equipment

  • Hadfields Refrigeration

    HTL demonstrates to its clients the specialist and extensive knowledge required to cater for the complexities associated with the careful delivery and installation of Commercial Refrigeration. HTL provides to all its crews bespoke driver training including customer facing skills, safe product handling and the ability to offer services such as unpack and installation. Removal of waste from site and disposal is also one of the value added services HTL provides. HTL provides one man, two man and even multiple crew members where required. Vehicles are equipped with large cantilever type tail lifts ranging from two metre up to three metres. HTL recognises the importance of being able to offer more than a kerbside drop and is experienced in handling high value, delicate goods.



    Services include
    - Central customer service team
    - Pre delivery booking in call
    - Pre delivery site surveys
    - Specialist moving equipment including Stair walkers, Skoots, Ramps, Pump trucks
    - Vehicles fitted with internal protective padding with multiple strapping points for the safe transportation of goods
    -Timed deliveries
    - Proximity alerting
    - Customer dashboard, providing the ability to track orders, view communication with the end user and gain confirmation of deliveries as and when they happen.
    - Registered waste carrier