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2010 - Present

  • Moving onto 2010 sees HTL carrying the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis which sent the economy into gloom! Things are tough as the economy slows down and HTL not unlike others has to draw in its reins.  HTL continues to hold its own but confidence is lacking, staffing and fleet numbers have fallen through natural wastage, recruitment and vehicle replcements have been put on hold. Customer demand shrinks as volumes drop and 2010-12 remain difficult.

    As HTL move through 2012 slowly confidence returns as customer demands start to increase stability is the order of the day. HTL see some competitors perish leaving some real opportunity open and slowly confidence returns.

    By 2013 HTL have started to re-invest in ernest with major focus on communication needs and re-investment in fleet. By the Autumn, 3 new MAN 12 ton vehicles join the fleet with an investment of 200k. HTL have a recruitment policy in place but the aftermath of almost 5 years of economic gloom and the introduction of new EU regulation (driver cpc) make it very difficult to recruit the right people.

    Gaming and leisure business remains tough but HTL have the opportunity to acquire new business through a 200K investment in a retiring business. This would lead to an anticipated increase in turnover of 500K.

    Moving into 2014, the technology developments have continued at a managed pace with our partners TOM TOM, HTL have developed bespoke systems that continue to be rolled out during the year.  New opportunity appears during the year and our managed growth continues.  Our involvement in the commercial refrigeration and gaming and leisure sectors continues to grow with existing customer base very strong. Further investment in fleet happens towards the end of 2014 with the 250K purchase of purpose built Mercedes vehicles that offer the ultimate in driver friendly enviroment and fuel returns.

    HTL move into 2015 with great confident in its future with a strong customer base.  The roll out of technology enhancements continues throughout the business as HTL believe they now have something special to offer and look forward to the challenges of 2015 and beyond


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  • 2010 - Present

    2010 - Present