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  • Business continued to be good and was helped by a major re-branding exercise carried out by Walls Ice Cream (Project HEART). 80,000 cabinets were re-branded and we faced a bumper year!

    There was an urgency now to find new premises and having considered all available options in the Tameside area the business moved to Miles Platting in Manchester in July 2002 (our current home). This site is 4.2 acres and houses a 60,000 sq ft warehouse and a first floor office accomodation.

    Further enhancement of space was achieved through the provision of a mezzanine floor and the erection of racking.  The fleet renewal programme continued with approx 3-4 new vehicles being added each year through the decade and the purchase of some nearly new vehicles also. Refrigeration business was strong and had grown whilst the Gaming business had suffered with the demise of the public house trade.

    2008 arrived along with the banking crisis and things change dramatically. Volumes dropped accross the customer base and we saw the demise of one significant Refrigeration customer leaving the company with its own problems.  For the next two years growth stops and investment put on hold as it is all about survival.

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    The company was established by the Hadfield...

  • 1940s

    In 1942 the company was incorporated as J H Hadfields and Sons...

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    During the 1950s the business developed further and we...

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    In the early 60’s Hadfields won a major contract to deliver freezers into...

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    Hadfields Exeter was sold to Beechams. Hadfields decided to...

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    In 1990, hadfields relocated to Audenshaw to a 30,000 sq ft ...

  • 2000

    Total Refrigeration decided to rebrand for the new millennium

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