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  • In 1991 the business relocated to Audenshaw, within two miles of Ashton-Under-Lyne. The new home at Shepley industrial estate was a 45,000 sqft facility on a two acre ex-Post Office site. Business confidence was coming back and investment in new vehicles was in sight. The fleet strength remained fairly static at around thirty vehicles and the first registration private plate 'L3 HAD' was purchased - today the entire fleet runs on 'HAD' plates.

    David Hammond and Brian Daglish continued to re-build the business and the relationship between them was good. Brian Daglish had the finiancial brains and David Hammond the operational brain.

    In 1994 Scott Langridge, not long out of school, joined the business and was seen by Brian and David has having the attributes and makings of a signifficant figure within the business. Scott swiftly adapted to a position of assistance for David Hammond.

    In 1997 Brian Daglish was looking at retirement and at this point David's wife Jane joined the business to fill the big shoes of Brian!  In October 1997 David and Jane took on ownership of the business.

    The late 1990s were good and the climate strong, and the business was now outgrowing Shepley industrial estate.

  • 1906

    The company was established by the Hadfield...

  • 1940s

    In 1942 the company was incorporated as J H Hadfields and Sons...

  • 1950s

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  • 1990s

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  • 2000

    Total Refrigeration decided to rebrand for the new millennium

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