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  • The business continued to grow and a new warehouse was acquired in Heywood this was a 200,000 sq ft new facility. Hadfield House in Ashton continued to trade and a fleet now some 80 vehicles was split between the two sites.  At the same time the group purchased a Removals company in Hitchin (Deamers) and a distribution company in Exeter (R.B.S). Deamers continued to trade under the known name but R.B.S was changed to Hadfields South West Ltd and primarily offered distribution services to Beechams.

    Major contracts to distribute Electrical goods was gained and the Freezer distribution grew significantly to around thirty thousand units per year.

    A European Exhibitions arm was established and vehicles were now running into Germany, Holland and France. Vehicles were purpose built to meet this need and there was a specific management team established. By 1979 Deamers Hitchin was in demise as was most of the haulage Industry (Winter of discontent!)

    The exercise by the group to grow the Haulage business was now going wrong! In 1980 Deamers was sold privately and Hadfields South West was sold directly to Beechams. Hadfield House was closed down and the business moved entirely to Heywood.

    Things were tough!

  • 1906

    The company was established by the Hadfield...

  • 1940s

    In 1942 the company was incorporated as J H Hadfields and Sons...

  • 1950s

    During the 1950s the business developed further and we...

  • 1960s

    In the early 60’s Hadfields won a major contract to deliver freezers into...

  • 1970s

    The General Haulage business was growing and company won a ...

  • 1980s

    Hadfields Exeter was sold to Beechams. Hadfields decided to...

  • 1990s

    In 1990, hadfields relocated to Audenshaw to a 30,000 sq ft ...

  • 2000

    Total Refrigeration decided to rebrand for the new millennium

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